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Services that we provide are:

Annual Returns

Annual accounts provide important information about your organisation and are principally constructive if you wish to raise finance. So here at The Accountants Firm we can prepare, create and submit your annul accounts via using your book keeping records to HMRC and Companies House. This then acts as a basis for you Self Assessment tax return as well.

We endeavour with the utmost care that you and your business are receiving all the entitlements that are eligible and the accounts are prepared in accordance with the accounting standards. So whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company, we can prepare your annual accounts and this will give you peace of mind and stress free time which you can utilise in the more important stuff like growing your business further. Our prices are astonishingly low and competitive and provide flexible appointment times that suit your needs. As always we do not compromise on offering an expert, sociable and prompt service.

Corporation Tax

HMRC are extremely strict in filing returns late and charge penalties to companies who do not adhere to the deadlines. Thus it is essential to meet all deadlines, which are determined by your company’s annual accounting date. Here at The Accountants Firm we can take care from beginning to end all aspects of your companies Corporation Tax whether it is preparation of company accounts, submitting company tax returns, tax computations and abbreviated accounts to Companies House, we can do it all.


Since HM Revenue have introduced Real Time Information (RTI) this can be a very time consuming exercise. This basically mean all employers who are registered for Payroll now have submit their employees payroll information RTI means to HMRC on or before making the payments to the employees. However we at The Accountants Firm are always up to date with the changes set by HMRC and along with is we always use HMRC approved payroll software so you do not need to worry about any aspect of the payroll.

We take care all aspects payroll like whether you need to be registered for payroll, whether employees are eligible to be added to payroll.  Depending on how you pay your employees we can calculate all figures that relates around the payroll such net pay for employees, calculating the tax and personal NI along with company NI on every employee. We can do this all year around and to make life even more stress free we relay this information to HMRC on time, to you and provide wage slips. Along with this we can file end of year returns for each employee and produce P60s for them.

All of this is very time consuming especially since the introduction of RTI which no doubt takes up important and valuable time. We take care of all the payroll services end-to-end without costing you a fortune.

Self Assesment

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Sole Trader / Partnership Accounts

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Tax Returns

HMRC tax codes are so vast, that most straightforward tax return can be extremely difficult to prepare and submit correctly.

The Accountants Firm can evaluate your self assessment tax return to see if any tax savings can be applied as majority of the time many organisations small or big are unaware where they can save on Tax returns. By allowing us to take care of your Tax Return this will ensure not only that you are saving every tax that is possible under the HMRC guidelines but also it prevents the possibility of HM Revenue & Customs enquiry into your company affairs. This will no doubt free your time and to concentrate on the more important things like running your business!

VAT Returns

Here at The Accountants Firm we can take care of all your VAT needs whether it is submitting the VAT returns from your book keeping or we can take care of it end-to-end preparing the VAT accounts and submitting them and taking the work load of you. As everyone is aware the penalties encountered for submitting late VAT returns and late VAT payments thus The Accountants Firm will ensure that all VAT returns and payments are made on time. Our HMRC approved software allows us to submit VAT returns online effectively and efficiently.

So let The Accountants Firm take care of your VAT affairs and this will assure you peace of mind and free your valuable time for more use full day-to-day running of the business.

If you are looking for a company to take workload off you and provide quality service then look no further and give us call!